(Approved by AICTE. New Delhi, Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University)
(Approved by AICTE. New Delhi , Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University)
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Summer Internship Program

Sequence of the Report

  • Title Page
  • Student’s Declaration
  • Company Certificate
  • MIBM Certificate
  • Student’s Acknowledgement
  • Executive Summary
  • Index (Index Format given below)

Project Report Specifications

All Students should strictly follow the following standards for preparation of Project Report.

Sr. No Specifications Details
1 Number of copies of project report 3 ( Three)
2 Binding Black color hard binding
3 Embossing Golden Color
4 Page size A4
5 Page color White
6 Left Margin 1.5 inch
7 Other Margins ( Top, Bottom, Right) 1 inch
8 Headings Font Times New Roman
9 Headings Fond Size 14, bold, uppercase
10 Subheadings Font Times New Roman
11 Subheadings Font Size 12, bold, uppercase
12 Text Body Font Times New Roman
13 Text Color BLACK
14 Text Body Font Size 12, normal, lower case
15 Header No Header
16 Footer Put only Page Numbers Centered, no company logos, topics etc in the header of footer.
17 Total number of pages Approx. in between 60 to 110
18 Page Border NO Page Border

Front Page

Golden embossing on black background hard bound copy.

For this page you can use any professional font of any relative size to make it more attractive. This page should include the following points.

  1. Project title
  2. Name of the company
  3. Submitted to
  4. Submitted by
  5. Batch
  6. College name and address.

For Example

Inside 1st Page

This page will be nothing but the complete copy of front page as it is. Only instead of golden color you have to use black color.

Student Declaration

For Example

Company Certificate

This certificate must be printed on company’s original letter head. It should include the following points

  1. Name of the student
  2. Project title
  3. Duration of project ( minimum 50 working days)
  4. Location
  5. Authority sign and company seal.

For Example

College Certificate

This certificate will be issued by the college later on when you rejoin college in IIIrd Semester (one copy to each student will be given). You have to make at least 2 Xerox of it for other 2 copies of project report.


This page will include vote of thanks in following Chronology

  1. Company project guide
  2. Director (MIBM)
  3. College project guide
  4. Other staff & friends ( if any)


Sr. No TOPIC Approximate Pages Expected
1 Introduction
1.1 Importance of the topic selected
1.2 Selection of the organization
1.3 Objectives and Scope of the project
1.4 Research Methodology
  • Sample design (Size, Type)
  • Sources & collection of data ( primary data, secondary data & sources)
  • Methods & Techniques used for data processing & analysis (such as coding, classification, tabulation, % & statistical techniques etc)
  • Limitations of research (if any)
2 Theory related to the topic of study – relevant concepts 10
3 Organization – History, Growth, Organizational Structure (Back ground of the problem) 10
4 Analysis & Interpretation of Data (Data, tables, Pie-Diagram, Methods, Graphs, Techniques, Sample calculations, Foot Notes, Inferences) 25 – 30
5 MObservations and findings 5
6 Suggestions and Conclusion 5
APPENDICES – Questionnaire (& other related material, if available & required) Appendices are provided to give supplementary information which if included in the main text, may serve as a distraction
and cloud the central theme under discussion. Appendices should be numbered using Arabic numerals e.g. Appendix I, Appendix II etc.
BIBLIOGRAPHY – (List of reference books / articles , journals , web-sites etc. used)
REFERENCES [1] Author(s) name(s), “Article Title”, Journal Title volume #, page nos. (year of publication).

Up to this page don’t put page numbers!

Executive Summary (One Page Only)

This should include Introduction & objectives of the project, reasons for selection of company, selection of project, and research design of the project (i.e. procedure you have used to carry out the project). Also you have to mention brief conclusions of the project. (One paragraph on each chapter)

Objectives & Scope of the Project

  1. Objectives of the project
  2. Scope: in terms of practical implication of the project. (Not only in terms of geographical scope.)

Research Methodology

It should include

  1. Definition of Research
  2. Types of research in brief and the category of research applicable to your project.
  3. Different methods of data collection in short and justification for the method adopted by you.
  4. Sources of primary data & secondary data you have used for your project.
  5. Sample size for your project.
  6. Method of data analysis you have used for your project.

Data Analysis & Interpretation

For Example

This is the major & most important part of the project. It should contain the analysis of all those questions asked to the respondents through the questionnaire. Use appropriate bar charts/ pie charts/ graphs/ table/ line diagram/ frequency curve etc.

Satisfaction level of the customers

Sr. No Level of Satisfaction No. of Customers Percentage
1 Satisfied 130 65
2 Highly Satisfied 30 15
3 Dissatisfied 20 10
4 Highly Dissatisfied 10 5
5 No Response 10 5

Finding & Interpretation

65% of customers are satisfied with the product due to best quality of the product.

It has been observed that 5% customers are non respondent as they were busy with the other work.

Limitations of the Research

No project is ideal. In reality the researcher always come across different problems which acts as limitations of the project such as –

  • Biased reply of the respondents
  • Non availability of data or other relevant information
  • Time constraints
  • Budget constraints
  • Company’s policy that not to disclose confidential data. Etc.

Suggestions and Conclusion

While concluding student should take care that his conclusion is matching with the title of the project and objectives set in the project. Student has to give different suggestions to the company which will act as solution to all those problems researcher has identified with product or services or methods applied.

Bibliography (This Will Be the Last Page of the Project)

It includes – references, books and research journals used, web sites, newspapers etc.

For example

For Books C.R.Kothari, Research Methodology, Methods & Techniques, New Age International Publisher, edition II, 2004
For Research Journal Mridula S Mishra and Umakant Dash, “Importance of Retail Service Attributes: A study on Indian consumers”, Page No.7- 20, The ICFAIAN journal of Management Research, Vol.VII, NO. 2, February 2008.
For Website Write the name of authentic website or official website of an organization NOT the search engine like google.


Try to avoid using any abbreviations, but if you have used any technical and standard abbreviations then please mention their full form over here.

Important Note

The researcher should carry all his/her project related rough work, data sheet, filled questionnaires to the institute ( internal project guide) as soon the project training is over.